April 8, 2008

Tuesday Time Wasters

With the NHL playoffs starting, an all hockey Tuesday Time Wasters...
  • NHL.com has a complete history of the Stanley Cup complete with a list of winners and fun facts.
  • Canoe has a quiz to see if your ready for the playoffs.
  • Here is a photo layout of every Stanley Cup winning Montreal Canadiens team (Sorry Leafs Fans!!!)
  • A fan has put together a video tribute to one of the most exciting players in the playoffs, Alexander Ovechkin.

Improv Everywhere Strikes Again

Improv Everywhere has performed a number of mass improvs from freezing time in Grand Central Station to a musical in a food court. Here the group turns an average little league game into a major league game. Enjoy!

April 4, 2008

What That Stink...Oh, it's the 80's!

In the 1980's, Canada produced many great New Wave bands like Images in Vogue and Men Without Hats but for me the band that has really come symbolize this era is Platinum Blonde. The band founded in 1982, consisted of Mark Holmes (vocals/bass and attitude), Sergio Galli (guitar), and Chris Steffler (drums). Later Kenny Maclean (keyboards) joined the band. They had big hair, makeup, clothes that you couldn't find at your local Thrifty's, and screaming fans. For more information on the band, check out this very in-depth fansite

The band had a number of big hits in Canada including; "Standing In the Dark","Crying Over You", and this hit "Doesn't Really Matter"

Friday Morning Funny

In honour of his surviving a potentially serious car crash, Mr. Jerry Seinfeld.

April 3, 2008

Did You Catch This...

  • Newfoundland is featured on Canoe today with gallery of the scenes of my home province.
  • With the baseball season underway, Mental Floss has a look at the ballpark promotions that awry.
  • Funtasicus has a look at the top ten most ridiculous dining experiences.
  • Alec Baldwin and his Schwetty Balls turn 50 today...

April 2, 2008

American Idol Top 9

OK, I'll admit I'm not much of a country or Dolly fan but I was really impressed at the quality of her music last night. When you look at Dolly's work you really have to be impressed and concede that she is a living legend. She has published over 600 songs!!! The Idols as a whole were bringing their 'A' game last night, setting the stage for a very tight competition over the next couple of weeks. One miss step...and curtains.

Top 3 Performers
  1. Michael Johns - Starting to hit his stride and is picking the right songs to woo his strong female fan base but I have to deduct 2 points for rocking the ascot.
  2. David Archuleta - The boy can sing and emote when he has the right song.
  3. Brooke White - Even though the judges didn't like it, I thought it was great start to the show and she looks like a star on the stage.

Bottom 3 Performers

  1. Ramiele Malubay - She is just being outclassed by the other Idols.
  2. Jason Castro - It was just alright for me. Needs to make an emotional connection with the song he is singing. I liked how Idol skipped over the fact that this song was from a movie about a transgender individual.
  3. Syesha - Idol women have to learn that nobody compares to Whitney. Sure, there is big reward if you can pull it off but the road to Idol is littered with booted contestants who tried and failed miserably.

April 1, 2008

Free Music Download of The Week

The Counting Crows are back with a new album "Saturday Nights & Sunday Morning". The Crows are very aware of the importance of the web in building an audience as evident of their music being available throughout the web on such sites as SpiralFrog and Download.com. On their website Counting Crows.com they have made available two songs from their new album; 1492 and When I Dream of Michelangelo (download link can be found the right - Digital 45).